Accounting and Taxation Services
Sarina & Mackay Qld

Business Advice

It is vitally important to employ strategies and mechanisms to protect all your assets. We work closely with our clients advising them how to structure their business and personal assets to protect them from harm or loss of their hard earned success. We use an external provider to establish the structure and once we are satisfied with the documentation we will undertake the necessary registration processes on your behalf.
Starting a New Business or Expanding
We provide sound advice with business acquisitions, sales and restructuring, reporting any trends or concerns during the due diligence process while providing our clients with appropriate guidelines and measures. Running your own successful business is a rewarding experience and deciding to go down this path is adventurous, challenging and a little scary. We support you by making sure the decisions you make are well informed & considerate of the benefits and risks associated.
In any new business venture it is important to take the time to evaluate what you need to do to be successful. The exercise of preparing a business plan requires careful consideration of what needs to happen. At its core, it enables you to focus on evaluating the proposal – mitigating risk and maximising strengths and opportunities. 
Business Mentor
By understanding your business this allows us to help you implement strategies to focus on what needs to be rectified, what resources are required and by establishing and working to an action plan this will ensure you make more positive decisions to grow your business into the future. In any business venture, it’s important to have a business mentor who genuinely wants you to be successful and will touch base with you regularly to enable you to benefit from their expertise.
Do you wonder how your business is really travelling financially and what you could do to make it more profitable? We offer a business health check which will provide you with the tools to succeed in both your business and personal life. Could you benefit from regular expertise from your business mentor?
Estate Planning
As part of your wealth creation process it is vital to ensure you have an estate plan in order to protect and pass on your wealth. We can help you map this out so that it doesn't become a disaster on death, divorce or disability.